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What We Provide



Increasing Scores

The ACT and SAT are two important aptitude tests that colleges use for admissions decisions. All students who plan on attending a 4-year university will have to take one of these tests during their high school careers. Private tutoring has been shown to be the most effective way to increase ACT/SAT scores, but you shouldn't have to break the bank just to help your child succeed. For just $50/hr, we offer private, one-on-one, personalized prep sessions with an experienced, effective tutor. Students see an average increase of 5 points in their ACT scores and 300 points in their SAT scores after working 15 hours with us, and can expect even more improvement with more time spent. You can choose between in-person or virtual sessions, and we provide all materials that students will need throughout the process. All students also receive a complimentary ACT or SAT Prep Workbook. Contact us today to sign up for your student's first session!

Promoting Success

The entire college application experience can be overwhelming for students and parents both. As someone who has worked in a University setting and is familiar with the entire application process, I am able to mentor students through this stressful time.

For $50/hr, students can receive help with the following:

-Selecting the Right College

-Finding a Major

-College Applications

-Personal Essays

-Finding/Applying for Scholarships

-Increasing Test Scores 

-Building Resume/Application

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Encouraging Students in the Present

Better College Prep also offers tutoring in certain subject areas. For $40/hr, students can receive tutoring for the following courses:


-Algebra 1

-Algebra 2

-College Algebra



-Statistics (high school, AP, or college level)

-Psychology (high school, AP, or college level)

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Subject Tutoring: $40/hr

(+ $10/session travel fee if applicable)

College Counseling: $50/hr 
(+ $10/hr travel fee if applicable)

Staying on Track

Sometimes, students who are naturally smart struggle to reach their full academic potential due to poor study skills/schedule management or lack of accountability. Better College Prep can help students maximize their potential by giving them an academic coach who will assist them in developing the best study habits for their learning type. The academic coach will help the student create a study plan that works with their school/extracurricular schedule, and will keep them accountable for completing/turning in assignments on time, studying for tests/quizzes, etc.

ACT/SAT Prep Tutoring: $50/hr

(+$10/session travel fee if applicable)

*Packages Available*

15 hours: $600

20 hours: $800

25 hours: $1,000

Student Writing


Girls in the Library


Academic Coaching: $50/hr

(only available virtually)

*Packages Available*

1 semester: $500

1 academic year: $1,000

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